Work Abroad LLC - Посети красиви места и започни работа в Америка

About Us

 Is  a company that  provides work abroad. We offer student cultural exchange programs  in the US and internships in Europe. More than ten years we assist students and young people from Eastern Europe to spend an extraordinary summer in America. We provide everything  needed  for departure as we fully inform students about their stay in the US – THIS IS OUR ADVANTAGE.

We work with exclusive employers – our offers are exceptional. They are characterized by a special status because of their location, the proposed conditions, and previously guaranteed accurate payment. Direct representative. We are not mediators! Our employment positions are lifeguards, pool managers, trainers and support staff. We provide all the necessary training courses for these positions. Our range of internship positions include

  • Steward
  • Administrator
  • Piccolo
  • Dishwasher
  • Waiter